Final, MTQ Inhil Ke - 47 Closed Governor of Riau

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  • 11 Nov 2017, 09:34:46 WIB
Inhil, - Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran (MTQ) Level Indragiri Hilir 2017 officially closed MTQ by Riau Governor Arsyad Juliandi Rachman.
Centering MTQ 47 Indragiri Hilir district is centered on Antelope Island, District Reteh. Inhil Regent, HM Wardan expressing gratitude for the successful organization of this annual religious event.
Regent judge, the publics enthusiasm in welcoming the implementation MTQ Ke - 47 Inhil at Antelope Island is quite high. This is evidenced by the influx of visitors endless society since the beginning of the event MTQ on 4 November last.
"Based on the reports I received from the Head of Reteh, every night point - the point that menajadi location dikujungi MTQ always crowded public were present. Surely this is a remarkable thing," said Regent.
In fact, said the Regent, the Governor of Riau, Arsyadjuliandi Rachman assess implementation could potentially exceed Inhil District MTQ MTQ implementation Riau provincial level in terms of the crowds of visitors.
"I replied to the Governors statement, if road (New Town - Antelope Island, red) smooth, maybe visitors will be much more to come," said Regent.
Further, in discussion with the Governor of Riau, Regent claimed to have reported about things - things that become obstacles to the implementation of road development New Town - Pulau Kijang which makes roads that have long envisioned by the community, especially the New Town - Pulau Kijang it must shift from the original target completion time.
Furthermore, the Regent said, the process of development in the country of Thousand Trenches, the Governor of Riau, Arsyadjuliandi Rachman has a huge contribution, particularly in terms of allocation of budget funds.
According to Regent, from 12 Regency / City located in the province of Riau, Inhil District is an area that received gelontoran districts largest budget funds in fiscal year 2017.
"We patur grateful for the care and concern given the pack of Governors of development activities in Inhil. Easy - I hope, care and concern can be continued until - the coming year in an effort to accelerate development in Inhil," said Regent.
In connection with the MTQ, Regent expects, through this event, the District is able to bring seeds - seeds qori and qoriah and hafidz and Hafidzah superior and able to compete even carve achievements in a similar event at the national and even provincial level.
"In early December, we will welcome the Riau Provincial level MTQ in Dumai. Implementation Inhil level MTQ is a momentum for us preparing our leading caravan will be included in the upcoming MTQ Riau province," said Regent.
Finally, in the closing moments of this MTQ, the Regent did not forget to thank the committee who have beperan active and have worked up to the success of the organization. Meanwhile, the winners, the Regent also convey a message, to not fall asleep with the victory that has been achieved.
"Do not fall asleep, maintain and even increase again accomplishments already achieved. For those who do not get the chance to become a champion, do not be discouraged, do not despair, keep fighting, keep sharpening the ability to re-compete the MTQ in the coming years," said Regent.
Riau Governor Arsyadjuliandi Rachman who had the opportunity to cover the implementation of MTQ Ke - 47 Inhil district level and delivered a speech expressing his appreciation for the success of the organization.
The governor said, from the information submitted by Regent, Inhil District is a District that has a number of talented MTQ participants. This is evidenced, at the Regent Inhil visit Batam some time ago. It said the governor, at the time, the regent who spoke with the mayor of Batam, knowing that the winner of MTQ level Riau Islands province, some of which was achieved by the caravan is actually derived from Inhil.
"This is very surprising, amid our efforts bore seeds - quality seeds MTQ participants. Inhil Society has even become a champion in the neighboring province," said the Governor.
Riau society more broadly, said the governor, become even more potential with many distribution Boarding Schools across the province of Riau. Noted, at least 221 institutions existing boarding schools in Earth Lancang Kuning today.
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